My good games at this week #40

My good games at this week #40


Hi, my friends from all chess countries!
This is the fortieth time when I welcome you to tell about my interesting games. And it is hard for me to believe in it, and I sincerely hope that I did not bore you very much.

This week I continued to test my favorite gambits, which you can read about on this blog   Top 5 of my favorite gambits

My friend @simaginfan once said that he likes to watch how I break the "boring" French.

Also a few dirty tricks helped me with the priests of the mighty sect of Caro - Cannes!
The first trick was strike on f7!
Second trick was h-line brutal attack.

And third - shock uppercut on h6 square.
Oh, ye!
Very similar game, with the sacrifice one move earlier there is in My Good Games #2 (UAArtur vs. Unknown Player).

On Friday, I participated in two interesting events.

First, I played in Friday's Big Event: 2 | 1 Bullet and finished second out of 58 players.
I have already talked about such a tournament in My good games at this week # 37.


And, like at that time, I am again a silver medalist. Is it good or bad?

Here is the death of one of my main opponents in a situation where, seemingly, nothing foreshadows trouble.

Please, find this simply win!

The second great event that graced my Friday night was the simul of the Grandmaster from Turkey, Kıvanç Haznedaroli (FIDE 2487), where he kindly agreed to take me.


Youtube simul stream

Thirty-three participants were unbearable for the oriental chess player, and in those games where the players stood in the middle game, the maestro acted in a zeitnot under pressure.

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