Top 5 of my miraculous salvation.

Top 5 of my miraculous salvation.


It will be an unusual top. I collected five games for you, in which my erroneous, hasty and incorrect strategy put me one step before the defeat, but then a real miracle happened. I hope that you will read this blog on the first of April and get a good mood (if you are not my opponent in these games, of course).

The most powerful miracle.

It was a online tournament game. My opponent exceeded me by more than 400 points of the rating, and the first moves he totally destroyed my gambit. It seemed that the final was predictable. The only carelessness allowed me to record the best ever victory in my account.

Today its my best rated victory.

The most suddenly miracle

- You have the checkmate with the next move, sir. - Sorry, but you have checkmate now!

 The most action miracle

Win the queen, make blunder the linear mate, lose the queen and win with two pawns against rook? Easy. It was all in my next game.



The most fearless miracle

This game look exactly like a classical Western: a lot of dangerous adventures, and shootouts concluded with a traditional happy ending.


The most funny miracle

The last two pieces on the board put the checkmate. I laughed after this game. grin.png


 Be merry, my friends!