Top 5 my games in Slav (Semi-Slav) Defense

Top 5 my games in Slav (Semi-Slav) Defense



I am UAArtur, chess amator from Ukraine.

I have never had a coach... and my game style was formed without the participation of any classical principles. But only as a result of practical games and original (sometimes even very original) ideas. I call them "experiments."

But there are times when I prefer to drive along the main roads of a theoretical highway. This is the Semi-Slav, or Slavic (if you rus language player) Defence opening.
We have already watched games where White played d2-d4 without c2-c4. It was Top 5 games against Queens Pawn blog.

Today I prepared the next selection of my games. And I hope that you will be interested!

5th place

Meran for real gentlemen

4th place
Insidious Botvinnik

3rd place
Something original from Serbia.


2nd place
Shirov gambit!


1st place
No more gambits!


Thanks for readyng.