My good games at this week #39

My good games at this week #39



Its me, UAArtur and I here to show you my interesting games this week!

The next game was one of my most difficult home analysys. I'll show it to you as a few parts, which will better show how everything was happened

How to play white?
This is a beautiful idea and it was prepared 30.Qf3.
But next move was surprise too!

I had to make a decisive move. I was busy organizing the blitz tournament in my chess team, and remembered about this game when there were only 11 hours left from three days. I realized that if I go to bed, the game would end in my loss.
I decided that my answer was obvious, and a simple check would be enough, after which I would make a move and sleep. And home analysys was beginned. But...

Hey ... it seems that Black has an ace in his sleeve, and he is almost already laying down on the table!
I put everything off and began to search for a reliable win!

Is there a draw?
It took more than one hour and finally I returned to the line that seemed to me hopeless. Just because I missed the (very simple) thirty-ninth move. And in all variants I won. I made this move and the next day went to work with a migraine!
But it all ended in triumph. Pay your attention to the thirty-ninth move of White!

I do not know if the prospect deserves to win the game of such torment?
Let's go back to a more enjoyable for me - a crazy live Blitz, where ultra-precise analysis replaces intuition and resourcefulness!

Scandinavian Defence can be amazing like Sicilian! Do not trust? Read my blog Ssscandinavian!  

And now time for Let's sacrifice on h7 !  

And now you can see a reversed idea!

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