My good games at this week #34

My good games at this week #34


Its UAArtur, and its a new day, new week, and new My Good games at this week!

Let me start my weekly report with two first-class short games!

In the second game (oh, surprise!) my opponent was Mikail (not Mikhail) Tal! How do you like that?

You can know my love for gambits, even you can read my blog Top 5 gambits. And yes, if this rare gambit is interesting for you, write about it in the commentary, and I will create a blog where there will be a lot of insanity and crazy attacks ...

In the next game, I had to show real composure and do what I usually suggest to my opponent: eat pawns, being two steps from the checkmate!

And now a more fun game in my favoirite gambit. The position after the twelfth move of White saw my colleague (he knows how to play a little bit) and he scolded me that I blungered the knight. Why I won, he did not understand, but still considers it a bad move)))

Please do not blunder the knights, so that my colleague will not be nervous!

Well, it's time for a serious game. My opponent from Russia has a FIDE rating of 2234, and this was our first tournament game of 3 minutes chess blitz (I call it superblitz). No! It was not even a game. Fight, masacre, cowboy fight in the bar - anything! The brains of my engine melt when I try to analyze this ...

And we end up with a combination of h-7 square! I liked it!
You can still study my blog so that you do not fall for this combination!
Let's sacrifice on h7 !

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