David Bronstein's Birthday

David Bronstein's Birthday


Today (19th of February) is a birthday of legendary chess player David Ionovich Bronstein (1924-2006)

Grandmaster (1950), Champion of USSR (1948, 1949),
4-times Olympic Champion (1952, 1954, 1956 і 1958).

Bronstein is one of the greatest players not to have won the World Championship - he tied the 1951 world championship match 12 : 12 against Mikhail Botvinnik, the reigning champion.

His life and career is linked with following places:
• Kyiv (Ukraine) – where he started to play chess and reached a level of Master
• Tbilisi (Georgia) - where he lived during World War II
• Moscow (Russia) – where he became a Grandmaster and World`s famous chess player and writer
• Minsk (Belarus) – where he spent his last years and died

David Bronstein is widely considered as link in chain between two world champions and tactical genious - Alexander Alekhine and Mikhail Tal

Bronstein was a true revolutionary and innovator of chess:
- He was first who offered to replace classic chess (with postponing game after 40 moves) by Blitz and Rapid!
- He was an inventor of chess digital clock (with a function of incremental)!
- He was an inventor of 960-chess (not a Bobby Fisher- !)
- Even modern streaming (live commenting your chess game forspectators) – it was also an idea of Bronstein!

Probably the most popular chess writer ever.
Millions of people started playing chess and loved the game for entire life thanks to his great books:

International Tournament of Grandmasters
200 attacking games
Wonderful and frantic World of Chess
Manual of Chess
Wizard's Pupil
David versus Goliaht

Books by David Bronstein from Alexandr Matlak collection
This one "200 attacking games" with autograph of David Bronstein

When on the 5th of December, 2006 David Ionovich died, this sad news was commented on chess forums like:
«Soul of Chess has gone»….

Blog Updated Feb,21.

Added some inteteresting games with D.B. commentary!

(its games with a green boards)

Three games below – is a classic of King`s Indian
Before it was considered as “Wrong Opening”
David Bronstein gave it quality check on top-level, his brilliant victories amazed the whole chess world.

The best game of 1951 world championship match. White attack and killing shot 37.Bg3!! are amazing

This game is called “King David” – fierce attack started with intuitive sac 14.Bxh6!! by Bronstein versus another chess heavyweight.
That is why Bronstein was considered as predecessor of Mikhail Tal

Could somebody else crush Efim Geller in 20 moves?
Feel aesthetic ecstasy after 20.Qg6!!

What about beating Chess King Boris Spassky in 17 moves?
After 17….Nxf5 – Clean ckeckmate on the board 18.c2-c4#!!

This masterpiece with Black against Velimirovic was played in 1994.
Bronstein was 70 years old!

And last great game by David.

Special thanks for information for this blog
to my good friend
David Bronstein's follower from Kyiv, Ukraine,
Alexander Matlak @AlexanderMatlak

The second thanks is
to Kamalakanta Nieves @kamalakanta,
who sent interesting games with comments from his past blogs.