Let's sacrifice on h7 ! part 2
Part 2

Let's sacrifice on h7 ! part 2


In the first part we was discussed about the mechanics of sacrifice on the h-7. Now you see the continuation of the storyhappy.png

Once I played a match with a player from Russia. He consciously allowed the probability of sacrifice on the h 7. Each time he sought to find the best defense against my attack.

Game 1

I was surprised when the next game with black pieces, he agreed to repeat his torture.cry.png
And the third game was generally catastrophic!
If Black does not accept sacrifice, is this protection for them?
Answer: infrequently. 
But caution sometimes needs White too.

This was the situation when it was possible to beat the bishop! Black had a dirty trick, because their Queen was not on the d 8 - square.


Sacrifice on h-square for... Black?

The answer is: yes! Certainly. And my games will show it better than words.







Rare and difficult varieties of sacrifice

Its final chapter of my blog. I will show how can you combine this idea for your attack, counterattack and even (it's hard to talk!) for protection!

The combination of the two threats, by g-7 and h-7, led to the defeat of the black army.


The idea is used to protect my king and counterattack!

 Also remeber about other piece sacrifice on h-square!

Its can be bishop...

Or knight!...