My good games at this week #37

My good games at this week #37

Hello, my dear chess friends!
This is my new game report about my chess games.

Have you heard about Friday's Big Event? Its regular bullet tournament on with time control 2/1. I had the courage to take part in one such, along with 53 other players from different countries.
I took third place. There were some interesting games there, but today I will show only one of them. This one I played in the last round against the leader of the tournament (in the game, its bullet-rating, and blitz - 2300).
More games you can find in My Good Games #8 (UAArtur vs Player from Morocco) , My Good Games #15 (UAArtur vs Player from Netherlands) and, of course, in my blog Top 5 Italian attacks!

After reading my blog, I was challenged by a chess player from Lebanon. I wondered if his game would be shown? Well, it's a very inertial ending, is not it?
Funny game, I think.

An interesting duel with a citizen of the country who won the chess Olympiad this year.

And now it's a very interesting game. The gambit, played here, has already become the topic of discussion in my blog Top 5 attacks in From's gambit

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