My good games at this week #44

My good games at this week #44


Good evening!

Its UAArtur!

And I have some good games for you this week. 

This week I played in the match of my country (Ukraine) against the serbian national team. We played bullet (1/1) and blitz (5/2) matches.


Serbia is a strong chess country. And serbians always are very hard opponents when you play chess. But Team Ukraine won this match 85.5 - 48.5.

nullLive Chess World League- blitz championship 2018

I played on the twenty-ninth board in this duel of two chess giants.

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The next game was short and violent. You will not find what happened on the board in the openings encyclopedias, but this was the case when both opponents wanted only win. And everyone could make this!

The idea of an unexpected g2-g4 in Wing gambit I was tested in a live blitz game against IM from Serbia (My Good Games #7). Also this dagger strike hit the opponent in the game described in my blog Top 5 my favourite gambits

And now - an absolutely unusual endgame.

Three pawns fearlessly attacked here five pawns!

nullThree vs five?

Such tricks are able to make only Ukrainian street fighters!

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