My good games at this week #43

My good games at this week #43


My dear chess friends!

New week is gone. And we have a new good games in my blog!

I am not a professional player, and not often will I be able to play with a high-ranking opponent with a real sports title. I played the first game against the FIDE master from Kriviy Rih, Ukraine, his name is Artem Koval (FIDE 2261).

You saw that your opponent hit the prepared line, in which I felt confident enough.
This is my top rated blitz win on this site, and one of the most powerful games in my favorite opening, Scandinavian defense!
I'm glad I played this game and would like to hear your opinion about it!

More games you can find on my blog Ssscandinavian!

In the next game my opponent play some originall opening system.

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