My good games at this week #28

My good games at this week #28



Its UAArtur!

And this is a new blog from my series, where I show interesting games this week. The best games I collect later on a separate page and you can vote for each. Now you can help choose The best game of July !

This week started for me with an important and difficult blitz match against the team of Serbia. It was a semi-final match, and Ukraine (so, I am ukrainian) won it with a score of 95-87. A huge fight swept 91 participants from each team. I note that the first 11 boards were: IMs and GMs.
I played on 30th board against a strong serbian chessplayer Nenad Stojkovic, 2113 FIDEThe first game I won, because the opponent blundered the knight on middlegame. But I remember the second game and now!
I accept the wishes of luck for the games in the final!

What about instructive Scandinavian games? 
Or how trapped is the one who set the trap?
It was funny...

And one another game, and she says that you do not need to hold pawns, which you do not need to hold ...
The more in my blog

My good game against strong player from Romania!

And by tradition the blog ends with a joyful combination of h7!
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