My good games at this week #29

My good games at this week #29


You are in a danger zone.

Today, the genocide of pawns is planned. Madness will be on the board, and this page can harm your chess mind ...
For women, pregnant children and fans of boring endgames I strongly recommend to leave this blog.

This is my good games on this week!

In the first game there were two players with an aggressive style.

Have you read my blog?


In next game in a short but bitter struggle, I managed to overcome a strong opponent. This is one of the impetuous Scandinavian games.

Mentioned game (Unknown Player - UAArtur) you can see in My Good Games #24.

 I remember, my readers liked the blog Schilling-Kostic gambit where I showed reliable ways of playing in this rare gambit, and also one crazy idea. And I did not recommend it! But suddenly this rare beast challenged me again. I felt some responsibility and again chose a red pill (read the blog to understand what it was about me).

And ...

It was madness again  ...

And I could not stop until it was over.

Here is my game

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