My good games at this week #42

My good games at this week #42


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I am chess blogger from Ukraine and It looks like you're reading my game report this week!

The first game contains a trick.

As you may know, I use the Froms gambit against the move 1.f2-f4

Here is my blog about this Top 5 attacks in From's gambit

But this player fooled me. He did this trick: he played f2-f4 only after 1.e2-e3.

It seems incredible, but I had to come up with a new gambit directly from the board.

But there are even more surprises!
Here is what a rare line we played in my other favorite opening.

More games you can find on this link


Yesterday ended the most interesting tournament in my national team.

Chess Blitz Championship among players of class A (amateurs) gathered 73 players from Ukraine, USA, India and Lebanon.

I am glad that I was a player and organizator of this event.

At first, the players were divided into game zones, where they played for places in the play-of with other players in their region.

The games were not easy, and I left the group not without defeat.

My Group


In the play-of, group winners played hot matches of six games / plus a series of two games each, if score in the main match was equal.

This interesting but hard event took one month and five days. Many matches were so difficult that it took not one, but two or three additional series of games, before one of the players stumbled and left the distance!

My matches was

against @minenko-1958

My first playoff match was against an experienced amateur from Malin, Zhytomyr region, Ukraine. His strength was about 1700 FIDE.

Match score: 4 1/2 / 1 1/2.

against @pastpav 1/8 Final match

Pavlo Ziryanov from Khmelnitsky city turned out to be White’s stonewall virtuoso, and put me on the frontier of defeat in a grand match. Only the third additional series revealed the winner. This is a great solution if you find an uncomfortable opening for your opponent!

Match score: 6 1/2 - 5 1/2.

against @Val1024 Quarter Final match

An excellent tournament player Valery from Kiev (its capital of Ukraine) gave me a lot of unpleasant surprises on the board. I don't think any of the two of us were stronger in this match. No, I think, the result was dictated only by luck.

Match score: 4 - 2.

against @Shubhamdewan64 Semifinal match!

My friend Subham from Sonipat, Haryana, India, was one of the three foreigners players who played in the tournament. He showed a great level game, and delighted us with his appearance in the semifinals. It was a positive match and we exchanged greetings after it ended!

Match score: 4 - 2.

against @Karamboll Final match!!!

My good friend, excellent player (Candidate Master in Soviet Time), an original thinker, a true erudite, a fan of billiards and chess composition, a pioneer of a very original opening (in which he defeated once a @eljanov !!!) and my geographic neighbor (he live in Kryviy Rih) - I can tell you a lot about my friend Nykolay.

It was a monstrous match.
I was not sure of my perspective, but starting from two defeats became a cold shower for me. Our six games we finished 3-3, and after a fifteen minute timeout, a series of additional games was started!
This stage resembled the hugs of tired boxers. And in the end, after 120 minutes of blitz, the one who was less tired won.
This was a surprise.
It was me.

Match score: 6 1/2- 5 1/2.

Yes. I win.

Five short and five long matches.

52 live blitz games. 

This tournament has become a great lesson for me.

Full tournament story you can see on

Here is the last game of the semi-final against my friend from India.

UAArtur - Karamboll

The eighth game in which I must only win.

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