My good games at this week #19

My good games at this week #19


Good evening!

Its UAArtur! And I am new Top-blogger on this site!

Let me introduce you my funny, fantastic and interesting games at this week. 

We look at some funny accidents for a start!

In this hole the player from Russia in My good games #1 already fell.

More interesting games you can see in my blog Ssscandinavian!

What you think about Fred Defence?

It's like suicide. Maybe it's chess fashion? Or some kind of GM made a video in which he said that this is a cool opening? I dont know. But this week I fought twice against this defense! 


Next game Black was played more traditional opening.

Yes... I also have a blog about my favourite gambits. 

Top 5 of my favorite gambits

This week h-7 square was lucky for me, and the sacrifice on this place bringing me victories. I'll show them now.

I'm sorry that I show you games with such a difference in the ratings, but it was really spectacular.

And this is really an interesting game.

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