Hammer of Von Hennig - Part 2

Hammer of Von Hennig - Part 2


So, next Thursday comes and we have a continuation of the blog about the "Secret" Gambit of Von Hennig.
In the first part we broke off on the second line of our opening.

Line 2. Black play 6...Bf5

After some discussion in the blog, I remind you that I am not a seller of "rotten" gambits, and I am not trying to advertise it to you.

I told  about Line 2 that it is theoretically well known, contains some traps (I showed them), and although White’s victory is possible here (I showed it) But my note to this line is that Black’s chances are good here.

Here is my live game, where I had to arm myself with a spear of the defending side! The opponent could not stop and burned all his assets in the fire of initiative, after which the game lost its meaning. Here ie this game!

Line 3 Black Bishop going nowhere!

The third possible line we have after the move e7-e6. Black immediately covers up his weakness on f7 and may not be afraid of opening catastrophes, as in lines 2 and 3. But this has a price: in the middle game, their position will be somewhat constrained, which gives White good chances for an attack.

Here, Black has a large arsenal of defensive ideas: from the flank "reels" on the Queenside, to the figure game in the center. Now I picked up completely different games that will give you the concept of possible actions of both players.

In the first game, Black got carried away with the Queenside, but received a crushing sacrifice in the center on board.

In the next game, Black also defended himself very actively.The idea with b7-b5 looks very sharply and doubtfully. But let's imagine that my opponent did this to add didactic meaning to our example

Here the tactical motive is already familiar to us: this is a thematic sacrifice on h-6 ( brought us luck in the chapter First experience).

In order not to get to the trick of the previous game, Black moved another pawn forward (g7-g6).

This gambit helped me win the Team Ukraine Blitz Championship among Amators. Here is the final game. My opponent Nikolay Kuzmin used Caro-Kann Defense, possibly to confuse me. 

This game won a lot of votes in voting for the Best game of November.

Line 4 Black declined the gambit 

It often happens with dazzling gambits - they are not so great if the opponent refuses to suffer for one pawn.

Finally we will see the different ways of the declined gambit play.

Absolutely unique situation: I do not know of any other gambit, where there would be many ways to declined it. Yes. If we want to explore all of them, this will be a separate big blog. Therefore, I will only briefly show the most interesting games with declined lines.

Let me start with the worst ones.

We see that in blitz game against an unfamiliar gambit, some players begin to improvise. Sometimes it turns out - something unimaginable.

And one more

In contrast to the previous variants, the move 5 ...e3 gives Black comfortable play. However, this does not mean that White should forget his tricks!
In the next game, I whipped an explosive cocktail of ideas from this gambit!  Double bishop sacrifices on e6 and h6 you can find here! Enjoy!

The move 5... e5 is even more effective. This is the exchange of queens and an equal endgame. Although ... Sometimes we have a special adventures here too.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed my work, and Von Hennig Gambit fascinated you as much as I once did.

Some conclusions from this blog:

Line 1 is really catastrophic for Black.

Line 2 is mostly good for Black.

Line 3 is interesting game with chances to attack.

Line 4 is equal.

I am sure that this interesting gambit can be used in blitz and rapid, especially if your opponent does not expect it from you.

Therefore, I wish you many victories.

And - thanks for reading!