The best of the best

The best of the best


Five months ago I laid out my first game on this blog. Then I got an idea and I suggested that readers choose which game is better. This was my experiment. Why not?

Every month I put four games to vote (one for each week).

I tried to select games with: an interesting ideaoriginal play and, of course with a minimum of blunders.
You do not need to have a title. You read my blog and told me your opinion. No additional conditions.
Today I finish voting in five blogs dedicated to five months that I played and made a blog on this site.
Today we know five of my best games of this year. No. Know what. There will be six games. And why - find out later.

The best game of February

At first the reader's sympathies confidently gathered the game, which I provided with a note The sacrifice of two rooks in one move! 

This is one of the games in my favorite gambit. I surprised my opponent and made a move he did not even count.

But one of my readers pointed out that this is not the right thing. Truly one rook is sacrificed, and the second can not be won any more, because of the loss of the Queen. Well. And one rook sacrifice is also interesting!

I admit, I was sure that this game was chosen, until I counted the votes. It turned out that another game has the same number of votes! Hmm. I did not consider this case. But I do not change or cancel the opinion of readers of my blog. Therefore, I have the best games of February - two! And so today's games are six, not five.

This game also has a story. It was like a head-on collision. I am now confident that my opponent (I do not know anything about him, because the profile was not filled) foresaw my sacrifice on the twelfth move, but he was confident that he would be able to defend himself. The real good solution is only the seventeenth move of the Whites.

  • I also do not know if you need to remember that all the games on this page are played in a blitz.

The best game of March

It was a trivial game in the training blitz tournament of my team. You can get some prejudice looking at the players ratings. Yes, my opponent makes mistakes. But he plays very fast. And the final decision at the end of the game was so elegant and indisputable, that 29.Nxf7!! immediately collects the majority of votes.

I played my best game under the impression of an Vishi Anand attack on the rapid tournament in Moscow. If you have not seen this game, you will be interested in repeating the combination of this great player!

What a great game! It would be a great honor for me if in both games you find a distant similarity)

The best game of April

This month turned out to be rich for me for good games. But one game was especially good. Here the choice left no doubt. I would not play it if I did not accept the offer of revenge... no... revanche from the player from Dunedin, New Zealand with 2301 raiting! I rarely play with such a level of players. And this is a great trophy for me.

The best game of May

The May vote showed that readers might not like the game that the author himself considered difficult and beautiful! However, I am glad that I will show you this unusual game. I used a smartphone during this chess battle and spent it in an unusual place - at lunchtime at my work. The prize for beauty brought me black pieces, and this is the first time in our vote history. But the most unusual fact next! Fifteen moves the game flowed on my analysis of a three-year (!) prescription, which I had to remember in two minutes. Hey! I would have laughed if you had told me that this was real!

The best game of June

The choice of the best game of June I completed five minutes ago and you will be the first to know about it. I'm glad that I have readers interest in my experiment. And I have to say thank you for your reading and voting!