My good games at this week #47

My good games at this week #47


It is a long, beautiful, and absolutely crazy week that seems to be ending.

And that means it's time to show my best games!

The first game was played in a bullet chess.

More Scandinavian smashes you will find in 

Next game was a blitz.

My opponent is an experienced Fide Master from South Africa Charles De Villiers (FIDE 2110).

He has won the South African Chess Championship six times; in 1975, 1977, 1981, 1985, 1987 and 1989. Currently resides in Cape Town. Wikipedia

He is now 65 years old, but he is still the twenty-first active player in his country.

Our game turned out to be incredible, but, unfortunately, was overshadowed by technical problems with Internet-communication.

And now the turn has come for a memorable and important game for me.
This week I played in a rapid tournament. It was a live tournament, not online, but the On the Board games!
I will tell you about this fantastic event in my next blog! 

There will also be some amusing games. 

Today I show my best game from this tournament. Just one game.

It is a great honor for me meet with a chess player like Viktor Skliarov. He is a strong International Master from Kiev, Ukraine and have a 2390 FIDE raiting. Only once earlier I played at the board with a master of this level!

IM Viktor Skliarov and Me getting ready for the game

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