Top 5 my amazing moves

Top 5 my amazing moves


The konnytiva, my friends!
In this topic, I collected my the most original ideas behind the chessboard.

Yes, may be these were not always the strongest moves, but they impressed me.

And today I will show them to you!


Why not sacrifice the queen, if that is possible?

You can see this game in My good games at this week #13.

It was a great surprise for me that the move turned out to be correct.

This is one of the most powerful ideas, and it was an explosion that destroyed the defense of my opponent.

Now you see my  The best game of February.

This is one of my first games on this site.
As you can see on the diagram, White is faced with the choice: to lose the rook to the a1 square or to lose the pawn on e5. Guess: what did I choose in the game?

And in final this blog I propose to resolve the position and find amazing move on chessboard!