My good games at this week #35

My good games at this week #35


Hello, my dear chess friends!

This is the thirty-fifth page of my game diary and today some interesting games are waiting us.

I'll start with a new weapon opening, which I developed against the Scandinavian defense players (as you know, I am one of them!). Interesting?

This game perfectly illustrates the threats of the Whites in this system. As we can see, the non-weak player (1800+) was not ready for these challenges.
Another good example of the anti-Scandinavian gambit already adorned two of my blogs.
I mean
UAArtur - Player from Norway blitz game.
I think, soon I will have enough games to make a separate topic about my development, and invite you to dumbfree an expectant Scandinavian player

The next victory is more psychological than strategic. Although witty tactics are here.

Also this week I  finished one of the most difficult my endgames. It was in a match in three-day chess. 6 weeks this game lasted.

A player from Iran defended well and despite an extra pawn, the game was played to a draw. But I managed to find a fresh and effective solution in the rook endgame.

This week was rich in adventures on the Treasure island, whose coordinates are h7 on chessboard.

At first, the galley from the exotic country crashed against the cliffs.

Then the sailors with Union Jack.

And finally the ship ranked higher to give battle!
Use my blog Let's sacrifice on h7 ! so as not to run aground!

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