Top 5 my Queen's sacrifices

Top 5 my Queen's sacrifices



In the early version of chess, evolved from shatranj and in this form borrowed from the Arab world in Europe, the Queen was the weakest piece and make move only one square diagonally. It's hard to believe!

nullIn the Middle Ages, in order to accelerate the pace of the game, the Queen got an additional opportunity: with his first move, the Queen could "jump" into two squares diagonally, horizontally and vertically (this rule was modified depending on the region).

At the end of the XV century, a modification of chess appeared with a modern moves of the Queen and that radically changed the sluggish game. In the sources of the end of the XV century mention was made of the "chess queen" (for example, the Spanish axedres de la dama), and in Italian the new piece was named rabiosa ("mad"), and chess, respectively, ital. scacchi alla rabiosa, that is, "mad chess", they were remembered by the players of that time.


Yes. Now the Queen is the strongest piece on chess board. It protects, threatens and completes any attack. Losing a Queen is almost always a loss of the game. I say "almost", because of the situations when the Queen was deliberately given.
Due to the value of this piece, the combination with the Queen's sacrifice is difficult to find behind the board, and often they are a spectacular surprise for the opponent (sometimes for both opponents). This makes them beautiful, in accordance with our understanding of beauty in chess.

In this blog, I collected my most interesting Queen's sacrifice. They are all different. You will see the Queen's sacrifice as: the last chance to defend, like fatalities or bloody finishing (I borrowed this is not a chess definition from a computer game), and even - as a suggestion to make the game more fun (an unusual offer, is not it?).

Queen's sacrifice as last chance
The first game will show you how easy it is to miss an effective combination even when your game is won. Here we see my desperated, but unsuccessful attack, which discredited the position of Black. And when it seemed that everything was over - a miracle happened!

Of course, a strong player bets on a trap only when there is no longer anything to bet on. But every blitzer has a piggy bank with games like this. See my blog Top 5 miraculous salvation if you like this game!

Queen's sacrifice as fatality

As in the previous game, the queen's sacrifice is not the main motive for the whole game. This combination happened when the opponent was already defeated and I call my move is fatality - because it was just an entertaining method to finish him off!

I really like the final matte pattern here. This game was nominated for the title of my best game of the month. Voting is not over yet, and if you like it, follow into my blog The best game of July. There are many tempting games there!

Queen's sacrifice as my missed Immortal

This game is absolutely originall! Even the method of sacrificing the Queen is unusual here. Can I be considered a sacrifice if we do not give up the Queen, but let the opponent add one more to the board ?! I think yes. So this game is here.

As we saw, my last move was inaccurate. Do not blame me for this, because in the blitz game you do not have the opportunity to think much about the fifty first move.

But it was a good chance to play my Immortal game, because the analysis showed: my idea was absolutely true! Evaluate the grandeur of the failed combination by repeating my post-game analysis on the board!

Queen's sacrifice as diamond attack!

In this game all the possibilities of the Queen are described perfectly. White Queen creates threats and supports the attack. Black player defends is also active, and an important protective idea is the hunting of Black army for the enemy Queen. And at the end is the perfect sacrifice! Boom!

Now you can see another games and join to voiting! 

Queen's sacrifice as propose

If you have a long endgame with an extra pawn and an insistent opponent, why not make an offer to him? What kind? This you will see in this game!

This game participated in voting in the blog The best game of April. But she was not chosen. Perhaps because the combination with the 28th move was interesting, but not necessary. Maybe the difference in the rating slightly devalued this victory? Or other games were more interesting? 

Thanks for reading.

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Good luck!