Top 5 Pirc defence games

Top 5 Pirc defence games


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Today there will be a collection of my best games in a Pirc Defence opening.

Pirc Defence positions  have a strategic similarity with the Old Indian. But this is an outward resemblance. The main idea of Black is the development of pieces mainly on the 7th and 8th horizontals and active counterplay against the White pawns center. Such a strategy of the game is the best when the black pieces player want to play poorly studied, but difficult positions. Let me show you what storms are carried on the board in this unique opening!

Romanian Pirz .

Expressive. Vigorously. Unpredictably.

Indian Pirz.

Unusually. Fearless. Deadly. 

Incognito Pirz

Mysteriously. Mysteriously. Irreversible.

Sweden Pirz.

Straight. Strong. Fast.

Turkey Pirz.

Flash. Crazy Cool!

And now you see my best Pirc Defence games.
Thanks for readyng.