My good games at this week #51

My good games at this week #51


Hello, all chess people!

Traditionally, when next week is over, we are see my interesting games on this page.

Well. What interesting I have today for you?

The first game is short.

The second game will remind us that the development of the pieces and the safety of the king are valued on the board more than one white pawn.
A few hours ago, my friend Alexander @AlexanderMatlak and I participated in a  match CHESSTV - TÜRKÇE VS CHESS.COM EN ESPAÑOL.
You might know about this match if you read the blog from @SamCopeland.
Ukrainian chess players played in this match for their Turkish neighbors.
And although the Spanish-speaking chess team won, but my private match from two games of bullet became really unforgettable for me!
There were 39 pairs in total, and I played on the fifth board.
As I expected, I got a titled opponent, namely: Daniel Eduardo Lopez Idarraga from Columbia. This is an active FM and he has a  FIDE blitz rating 2125.
Mentioned game (with the same crazy opening Novelty move) you can see in My Good Games #49.
This is an incredible success and an invaluable experience for me to win a match against a titled player.

And now a good tradition of my blog. In the final, I show games illustrating my old blog Let's sacrifice on h7 !

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