The best of the best (my games from July to December)

The best of the best (my games from July to December)


Today we continue the tradition and announced my the best games of each of the five months.

The first blog on this topic you can see in The best of the best.

All the games its always my readers choice. And thank you for that!

The best game of July

This is the first time in our voting when readers have evaluated the moves not made in the game! It was a blitz and the final move could not take me more than three seconds. Therefore, I intuitively “groped” the idea and called it “semi-masterpiece” ...

The best game of August

The August blog had no intrigue. For almost all the votes were collected by the game in my original gambit, crowned with a beautiful queen sacrifice.

The best game of September

In September, the choice of my readers is a game without a spectacular ending. But - filled with many complex nuances and very fascinating, if you watch it from beginning to end.

The best game of October

Classic gambit attack and brilliant finale. That was in October!

The best game of November

In the blitz tournament of our team, I managed not only to defeat the FM from Kriviy Rih, Ukraine, but to make it so beautiful that this game won the most votes in November!

This is not only sporting, but also creative success for such a dude like me.
It was also interesting to see a vote in which another game, filled with mutual mistakes, was popular at first.

Only the intervention of strong players, who pointed out the shortcomings in the comments, changed the sympathies of my readers. And today our blog will be decorated with really the best game!

The best game of December