My good games at this week #27

My good games at this week #27



Its UAArtur!

And its a my new game report.

Today I caught a rabbit in Karo-Kann.
Hey! We've seen it! So will you say.
It was in My Good games ## 1, 2, 19, 25 and 26.
You will have to have patience to see this position as a minimum once else.
This will happen when I make a blog about the traps in which my opponents come across on

At this week luck accompanies me on the d5-square.

This is a very difficult game against an experienced opponent from Uzbekistan

If you are reading my blog, you can know two of my favorite openings. This is a Wing gambit and Scandinavian defense. In the next game I decided to experiment. I tried to combine these two systems!
And again, the d-5 was lucky for me!
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Another adventures took place on the h-7 square.
But this is no surprise, since I'm sacrificing at this point every week.  
I even wrote a blog about it. If you read it, you too will be sacrificed, be sure!
Here is my blog

This game I played 15 min ago. I had some problems with the connection, and it pushed my opponent to continue the game even in a hopeless position.
But it was fun!

But how I was surprised when my weapons tried to use against me! Here is an amazing and really funny game, where I dodged the attack on h7!
There's a good reason to remember one player, who already sacrifice to h-7, and it was not good for him. This game is in My good games #14.

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